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Meet Coach Jennifer

My passion for health and wellness started early in life.  Many of my loved ones have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, and other various illnesses. As a result, my fervor to understand these maladies grew great as I knew I could potentially help my family and society. My extensive career has transitioned from laboratory research in areas of infection disease and cancer therapeutics to embarking upon a successful career as a primary care clinician. This gave me the ability to affect the lives of others in a positive manner, up close and personal. It was later that I realized that 15-20 min appointments every 3,6, 12 months was not enough. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a licensed and certified physician assistant as it allows me to do what I desire most- to help ELEVATE, educate, and treat the patients I care for. I wanted to be able to impact the lives of others in a way that time was not the biggest barrier, however. Becoming a health coach allowed me to do just that while helping others be more proactive about their health.

A 360 level of Care and Compassion

The 360 Viewpoint delves deeper into what good health is by analyzing how embracing the physical, mental, emotional implications of health can all impact one’s level of health positively or negatively.

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