Coach I am doing everything right, but still no results

When it comes to starting a health journey, everything is not always clear.  As a matter of fact, the journey may include many challenges or roadblocks.  Too many times we may want to throw in the towel when things are not moving fast enough or even in the opposite direction.  Occasionally, as a coach, you may have a client who has literally given it all:  the persistency, consistency, and time.  He or she may have even followed the blueprint “just right”.  Yet, your client is struggling with feelings of defeat and may be wondering why the scale is not moving or why they have hit a plateau.

Furthermore, when it comes to weight-loss, there is not a clear cut way on how it should be done.  What we must understand is, however, that being in a calorie deficit is key-Calories in vs. Calories out.  When we are on a weight-loss journey, we must consider all the pieces to the puzzle, too.  We may be so accustomed to eating three meals, not considering what the balance of the meal consists of, or the number of calories each one contains.  Filling up on certain nutrient dense foods cannot only help with satiety longer, but in turn, prevent you from overindulging in latter meals or unhealthy snacking.  For this reason, food scales for the beginner can be the key when starting out, as it helps give insight on proper serving sizes.  This is just the basics, as not only what you eat and when you eat certain foods are also important.  More to come on this in a latter blog. Stay Tuned 😊!

Moreover, you may have heard about the 80/20 rule.  Meaning:  weight loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.  While this may hold some truth, the benefits of exercise for the mind and body when it comes to overall health is just as important and rewarding.  What I find often is that most people use exercise to negate eating heavily processed, fast food, or “junk meals”.  That mentality SHOULD NOT be adopted, for you want to create healthy habits that last a lifetime.  Don’t get me wrong, as a childhood lover of baked macaroni and cheese, I am not saying that you cannot enjoy your favorite foods.  However, moderation is the key; and in the beginning of your health journey, those vices should be avoided.

So, after re-evaluating your day to day tasks on your journey; ask yourself, are there areas that I can improve or do better? …..

  • Calories in/Calories out (calorie deficit)
  • Exercise
  • Persistency/Consistency
  • Nutrient dense foods

If, indeed, you are doing “everything” right, here are some things to consider that may be impacting your journey:

  • Medications (certain medications can have side-effects that can cause weight gain, such as antidepressants and diabetic drugs)
  • Medical conditions (autoimmune-thyroid disorders; cortisol stimulation)

Have an open conversation with your health care provider; let he/she know your concerns.  It is okay to ask questions.  Get the testing or workup needed that may ultimately help identify the underlying problem.  This may be essential to you seeing the progress that you desire.

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